Sweet Rock: The Red Weasel Story

Before the days when flannel was in fashion and ‘alternative’ music became the sound of mainstream radio across the country, a group of friends dared to change the rules where they lived.

Together, Dean Cartwright, Chet Cornman, Scott Hedeen, Steve Messick and Adam Robinson formed a new type of punk band. With influences ranging across the spectrum from the Beatles and early Genesis to DC Hardcore and the Butthole Surfers, Red Weasel was born.

Sweet Rock: The Story of Red Weasel is the second documentary release from Media Boomtown. It is written, produced, and directed by Dan Almoney & Ed Fox.

It’s the story of friendship, rock, and time. Featuring new interviews with the band, archival footage, and their first show in 20 years; their long-anticipated 2010 reunion at Hampdenfest in Baltimore, MD.

Get the DVD/CD release today!  Featuring unreleased bonus features and a remastered version of the legendary “Rawlsdeeep” EP.