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Roger Ebert Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Us…

It takes a lot of work to produce a film. Whether it’s a Hollywood Blockbuster with a large cast and crew, or a small documentary executed entirely by one person, it’s a BIG undertaking. It takes commitment and passion for the subject matter to bring a project from idea to paper to screen.

In addition to a love of the subject, a filmmaker also needs to enjoy the actual process (the “nitty gritty” involved) to see a project through to completion. Between costs, coordination, and content, we always appreciate the effort involved in getting that message or story in front of us, or into our hands.

That’s why we were so honored to be judges for this year’s Prometheus Film Festival. The festival is in its second year. Originally started as a showcase for South-Central PA filmmakers, it has grown to include all of Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond.

If the name “Prometheus Film Festival” sounds familiar in the Boomtown, it’s because our first documentary, “Pure Imagination: The Secrets of Comics Creation” took the honor of best short documentary at the inaugural festival. Proud of the win, and impressed at the dedication of the festival organizers, we volunteered to judge this year as a way to give back.

We saw a lot of well-produced film in a wide range of genres and styles. We are not at liberty to discuss which films we actually judged, but trust us there are a lot of great, passionate storytellers out there. And while we believe some of the work was better than others (hey that’s what judging is, right?), each filmmaker and their film are to be celebrated for reaching an audience, because that’s what it’s all about!

If you’re a film buff, and would like to see what your neighbors and friends are up to, come out to the 2nd annual Prometheus Film Festival. It’s being held this Friday and Saturday, August 19th and 20th at York Little Theatre. You just may see Ed or Dan there, so come by and say hello. For more information, visit www.2011prometheusfilmfestival.org.

And one last note…we won’t be judging for the festival next year, because we’ll be entrants again! In fact, we took some of the lessons we learned from these films and applied them to our own. We’ll talk more about that as we put the finishing touches on our 2nd documentary! We’ll tell you all about it soon…VERY SOON!

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