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Amber Blues EPK for “The Colors That You See” – 2012

Calling their music New Classic Rock, the New Jersey-based Amber Blues offer a timeless sound that combines modern alternative rock with elements of the classic rock of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Since their formation in 2003, AB have built a loyal following that continues to grow; The Colors That You See is their third and most recent album.

MABX Awards Show – Craftsmen Of The Future

This is a segment produced for a local trade organization’s 2010 awards show. It features 6 students in the Mid-Atlantic region who were honored for a dedication to their craft and a promising future.

EPK – Farley – “A Good Problem to Have”

FARLEY is the new, indie/alt rock creation of singer/songwriter Tim Farley (formerly of Pan.a.ce.a).

Produced by Bret Alexander at Saturation Acres in Wilkes-Barre, FARLEY’s debut EP entitled “A Good Problem to Have” is slated for release to retail stores, iTunes, and other online outlets on July 19th 2011.

To help promote the release and gain attention for the new project, Media Boomtown helped create this Electronic Press Kit.

2010 PA Treasurer’s Mid-Term Report

Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord didn’t want to publish another report that no one would read. For his mid-term report, he decided to save the trees and present the information in video form. This video is available for download for anyone and everyone on patreasury.org.

Live Recording: Eva Katherine at Front Street Station performing “Beautiful”

This young lady is bound to go far, and we’re honored to be playing a small part in helping her get there.

Recorded live at Front Street Station in Northumberland, PA. Eva Katherine (12 years old) from Central Pennsylvania gave us a short set, backed with an all-star band. Here is her cover of “Beautiful”, by Christina Aguilera.

This was a 2-camera recording, with a remixed sound track out of the mixing board.

Harrisburg Invasion: Faith Into Action

The First Assembly of God wanted to document their annual week-long mission efforts, and use the footage to solicit future financial contributions and volunteers. We took the documentary or news approach, and steered the focus at the end toward a call for action. The result is a video that First Assembly now proudly takes to other churches and civic groups to really show what they do. We call it an “Event Documentary”.

TBird Group Promo Video

This video was produced for multiple platforms. Produced initially for inclusion in the company’s industry trade show booth display, it also now serves as a great web marketing video. It features video shot in York, PA , as well as product shots from all 5 companies in the group.

We were proud to work in conjunction with our friends at ADS Creative Strategies to achieve the customer’s goals.

Music Demo 2012

If you are in a band or are a performing artist, chances are you need our help.

Recording a new CD? Putting your book tour together? Ready for that big art opening? Share your story with the world in a nice concise package. Reporters will love you for it.

Special Thanks to IKE for the use of their song ‘Rock N Roll Dreams.’
Visit them at http://www.ikeonline.net