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Media Boomtown – Little League Champions!

Wow, what a crazy spring it was! Here in the Boomtown, the constant rain kept the little league schedule up in the air. When combined with our production schedule, it really made it hard to get out to the games the way we would have liked. We didn’t know that we were going to have such trouble getting out. We didn’t know these kids would be so good!

Penbrook-Pirates-Picture-Day-Photo1-300x212Penbrook Pirates’ “Majors” (sponsored by Media Boomtown) gave the community a lot to be proud of this season. Since we were having trouble getting to the park, we relied on field reports from coach Lou Hernandez. Game after game, the word came in: ”We won today”. ”Won again.” ”Close one”. Well, before long we were informed that the Pirates were undefeated and heading to the playoffs.

We made time to get to the last couple of games, and we are so glad that we did, because the Penbrook Pirates won the championship game! Here is the video that we put together for the team. Our original intent was to make a “meet the team” video, and then follow up all spring with highlights from a few games. Instead, we combined both concepts for the summary of the last playoff games.

The Pirates Win it All!!

In our earlier blog entry, we mentioned Ed Fox’s grandfather’s regular little league sponorships in Hampden Township, in the 1960′s. Upon telling Ed’s uncle about the Pirates victory, Tom Samuel said, “You know they do that on purpose. They give new sponsors the best team hoping that their success will bring the sponsor back year after year.” Well, maybe they do and maybe they don’t – but I’ll tell you this: it was a great thrill to see the kids enjoying themselves, staying sportsman-like and poised all year, and taking home the hardware for their efforts.

Congratulations, Penbrook Pirates! Have a great summer.

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