About Me

Media Boomtown was founded in 2007, when Ed Fox and a friend expressed a desire to tell stories together and work on projects that they felt passionate about.  What started out in the spirit of adventure and camaraderie soon blossomed into a full-service video business.   Through a hardworking, do-it-yourself attitude and easygoing nature, Media Boomtown has had the opportunity to work on a wide array of productions for a diverse range of clients.

As lifelong video professionals, Media Boomtown knows what should be in your video, what shouldn’t be in your video, and why.  As a result, we craft messages that will help you make a great impression on your audience.

Who is Media Boomtown?

Edward Fox

Whether leading the production team or playing a supporting role, Ed is comfortable and capable behind the lens.  Ed spent 14 years on the streets of central PA as a photojournalist for abc27.  From there, he worked at a local marketing company as their Creative Director before diving headfirst into Media Boomtown.  He brings years of diverse and award-winning video experience to the table, and thus can see the bigger picture behind a client’s wants and needs.

With a broad curiosity and attention to detail, Ed can lead his team to hone in on the essence of a project, visualize its ideal expression and lead its best execution.