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A Gift for You

Spring is finally here – time for new life, and new lives together. Yes, along with the bountiful show outside our windows, a warm display of beauty and joy takes place inside so many hearts.

In other words: It’s wedding season!

We LOVE weddings. After all, we love a good story and we love to document important events. In many ways, a wedding is the ultimate emotional story assignment. We cut our teeth on work that demands patience, observation, and quick creativity, so it comes naturally to us.

Frankly, we’d like to be invited to your wedding. And since we know that it’s rude to come empty-handed, we even brought a gift.


l1-300x203Our friend (and client) Brooks West is a singer-songwriter in Fargo, ND. He spent many years in Harrisburg, PA and has a large network of friends and fans throughout several states.

A few years ago, Brooks penned a beautiful song for his sister’s wedding, called “The Pledge.” The song is a touching, folk-y ballad that brought a tear to every eye. For years, people have been commenting on its beauty, and asking where they can get a copy. Brooks never recorded it, and so that tender moment was gone. Until now.

At our special request, Brooks dropped into a studio and laid the song down. One voice. One acoustic guitar. Pure raw honesty. He is letting us share it with you for a brief time. Eventually it will be available on iTunes, but we have it here now: a limited engagement for your forever day.

Just go to our wedding page and look for the link under the header. Click the link to download “The Pledge”, and enjoy.

For more, please go to iTunes and search “Brooks West”. He has 2 full-length albums and an EP that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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